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Oct 20, 2018 · 10:04 PM

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The indispensable role of volunteers in our society has been extensively discussed in recent years. Voluntary commitment to social, cultural, and political projects deserves both our support and appreciation.

The success of the work of the Museum Haus Konstruktiv depends on the dedication of its volunteers. In summer 2007 the Haus Konstruktiv established a volunteer program that has become highly successful. The museum’s team has expanded to include a group of about forty voluntary helpers who show an impressive engagement in the institution. They donate their valuable time as museum guards as well as in addition they assist with events.

The museum’s daily work is enhanced by the expertise and professional knowledge of the volunteers; in return it offers a sympathetic, cosmopolitan, and supportive environment in which staff and volunteers may develop their knowledge of art and related subjects.

Together our dedicated volunteers provide truly invaluable support for the Haus Konstruktiv.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to our team of volunteers:

Ingrid Battistini, Charlotte Briner, Doris d’Hondt, Christoph Dill, Hans-Jakob Egli, Nada Gehrig, Beatrice Huldi, Marielou Hürlimann, Monika Kuss, Patrick Macukic, Isabela Mateescu, Anni Mäder, Renée Müller, Rosmarie Müller, Lea Peng, Radhika NeelaKandhan, Silvana Ravegnini, Karin Reinhard, Barbara Rejman, Herma Schmitt, Cornelia Sprecher, Urs Thali, Hans-Jörg Tschachtli, Jakob Urech, Marta Varga, Ingrid Voit, Urs Vonlanthen


If you are interested in joining the team of volunteers, please contact:

Christina Schütz
+41 (0) 44 217 70 84

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Oct 20, 2018
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